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Kristi Rintoul has been part of the United Way in Kamloops for many years, but before this summer, she was the only member of the team tracking the impact of United Way funds. Now, Chelsea Ingram has started her position as a Resource Development Associate with United Way BC and has seen firsthand how the money raised by this organization helps those in need. United Way helps ensure that the funds raised stay within the community; she has witnessed this firsthand.

Kristi Rintoul

Earlier this year, the City of Kamloops formed a Community Health Action Committee comprising health care, government, business, and academia representatives. These groups came together to discuss ways to improve community health. The goal is to create an environment that supports residents in their efforts to improve their health and well-being. Members of the committee have provided community members access to health care and other resources, including mental health counseling and primary care.

The Kamloops United Way has been involved with community impact programs for several years. Still, until last summer, Kristi Rintoul was the only person on the team responsible for tracking the impact of United Funds. Kristi Rintoul, senior manager of United Way Kamloops BC community impact, got the idea from another community program. Other community programs engage volunteers and businesses to help nonprofit organizations in the city, but this one focuses on a community initiative that involves retired tradespeople and seniors.

The mission of united way Kamloops bc

The United Way of Kamloops BC is a community organization that invests in the health and well-being of our community. The United Way provides support to community partners who deal with critical issues. Through their work, they help people access the essentials they need, such as clean water, nutritious food, and basic supplies. In addition, the organization provides essential services to seniors and isolated people, including crisis lines and system navigation services.

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Community outreach builders are United Way volunteers embedded in the community to identify individuals and families who need assistance. They help to assess needs, provide resources and identify needs. Some services they provide include food hampers, groceries, and phone and virtual visits. Another service they provide is a dog walk for health care workers. Throughout the year, volunteers deliver meals to seniors and the homebound and pick up groceries for those who need them most.

The United Way’s vision is to create a healthy and inclusive community. The organization addresses local problems by helping children succeed in school and ensuring seniors age with dignity. It supports innovative efforts in community health, aging, and volunteering. United Way is a community-based nonprofit organization with over 2,000 volunteers and 9.8 million donors worldwide. By investing in local programs, United Way helps our community thrive and create a brighter future for everyone.


Providing emergency relief to flood-affected areas is a high priority for the United Way of British Columbia. By raising awareness and funds to assist those in need, United Way can support recovery efforts and help people rebuild their lives. Funding for food hubs is essential for communities and individuals affected by the flooding and wildfires. Moreover, it provides mental health support, employment assistance, and child care. With increased inflation rates, more people face food insecurity and lack of access to nutritious food.

The School’s Out pilot program is expected to launch in September 2022 and support children who would otherwise have to stay home with their young children. The program will also provide support for young people aging out of foster care and those who are homeless. The project is a part of the United For Ukraine campaign, which provides support to refugees, newcomers, and other vulnerable populations. These programs support community organizations that fight poverty.

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Other programs include the Better at Home program. It is designed to help older people stay independent and active in their homes by providing simple, non-medical assistance. Three miniature horses have accompanied the program for three years, inspiring smiles. The friendly visitors are a huge hit, especially around Christmas 2020. The program is coordinated by Nancy Kendall, coordinator of Better at Home in Ashcroft/Cache Creek.

The Better at Home program provides non-medical home support services. It includes help with housekeeping, grocery shopping, yard work, and friendly visits. It even offers transportation to medical appointments and social events. Depending on income, volunteers and paid workers deliver these services on a sliding scale. These services can be costly, but many seniors can afford them. This program can help seniors remain in their homes and active and engaged in their communities.


There are many ways to get involved with Volunteers for United Way Kamloops, BC. Some of the most impressive are outlined below. Tamara MacPherson Vukusic: Since moving to Kamloops from the U.S. in 2003, Tamara has been giving back to her community in numerous ways. She supports various reading programs, organizes Word Walks as part of the Unplug and Play program, and creates products such as Spark! App and story starter cards. She is a member of the Two Rivers Metis Society.

Emergency relief: Flooding has left thousands of people displaced in the province, and many volunteers from B.C. have stepped forward to help stranded travelers. One such group is called Khalsa Aid, with teams in Kamloops and Kelowna. These volunteers have been cooking and shipping meals to displaced people to get food and shelter.

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Volunteers for United Way Kamloops BC
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