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In the ruined astronomy tower, you can find a DC20 Perception and Investigation check to locate a legendary-artifact sword known as the Holy Avenger. A boulder with the sword’s mold is on the floor, and moonlight illuminates it. The forge shaped the boulder in the Donjon, a random dungeon generator. The Holy Avenger can also be obtained through the temple’s random weapon generation system.

+1 radiant damage

The Holy Avenger is a classic weapon that grants a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls. It also deals an additional 2d10 radiant damage against fiends and undead and grants a +2 bonus on saving throws against magic. The Holy Avenger has a range of 30 feet; if equipped, the weapon also absorbs a certain percentage of elemental damage. The Holy Avenger is an excellent choice for a Paladin or a Rogue.

The radiant damage that this weapon deal is increased by your level, giving you an advantage on damage and attack rolls. Similarly, you can gain the +1 glowing damage bonus from a cleric spell. The radiance bonus from the enchantment grants a +1 damage bonus from the holy avenger’s weapon when the weapon is used in battle.

The PHB defines radiant damage as the light that sears flesh like fire and overloads the target’s spirit. In 5e D&D, radiant damage can also come from concentrated UV rays or light of a shorter wavelength. The unholy version is referred to as sickening radiance. Nonetheless, this damage type is often underestimated for a melee fighter. In addition to hitting the opponent, the holy avenger can cast spells with radiant damage, such as Shatter, which deals with thunder damage.

The Holy Avenger is a classic weapon that can be used anywhere and is strong enough to be its central plot point. Despite its lack of official lore, it’s too easy to overlook the Holy Avenger. The Holy Avenger is a good choice if you’re looking for a weapon with a unique paladin property. The radiance damage increase is beneficial against the undead, and its radiance bonus increases the damage you deal with enemies by an additional 2d10 or more.

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The Holy Avenger is a legendary weapon granting a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls. It also deals an additional 2d10 Radiant damage to the undead when it comes into contact with the gun. This weapon creates an aura of a 10-foot radius, which grants a Paladin advantage on saving throws against magical effects. The aura’s radius can be increased to 30 feet if the Paladin has a higher class level.

Depending on its level, you can add up to six properties to the Holy Avenger. These properties can be added through crafting, starting at paladin level 10 and every two groups after. The 2nd extra property can be an Epic or Prestige property. These properties can be crafted using Tokens, Epic Ingredients, or Prestige Points. Once you have enough paladin levels, the Holy Avenger will be ready to use.

Dispels magic

The Dispels Magic with DD Holy Avenger is an enhanced holy weapon that dispels magic on hit. The weapon deals +1d6 divine damage to enemies aligned with evil and grants the caster spell resistance of 16. This property is available only to paladins, but characters with lower paladin levels can still use this sword. Generally, the best use for this item is to cast spells with a lower DC.

It is a Paladin’s weapon.

If you’re wondering if your Paladin should use the DDS Holy Avenger, think about the benefits of this legendary sword. You may have obtained this sword if you’ve practiced hard, followed your oath, and effectively used your skills. It will be doubly effective if equipped with the TWF feat.

The Holy Avenger is a legendary weapon that can be made from any sword and attuned to the Paladin’s alignment. The weapon’s properties are impressive, granting the user a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls. It also deals 2d10 radiant damage on a hit and creates a ten-foot radius aura that gives friendly creatures an advantage in saving throws against magical effects. The aura’s radius increases to thirty feet once a paladin reaches level 17 and is a powerful weapon.

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The Holy Avenger is an artifact-level magic sword. The Paladin uses it to fight evil magical creatures and gain a massive bonus to their attack and damage rolls. The damage dealt by the weapon is proportionate to the Paladin’s level. During the crusades, paladins were forbidden from drawing blood, so they tended to use maces instead of swords. This type of weapon is often associated with the Holy Avenger. Still, there is a crucial distinction between this weapon and a regular one: the Paladin’s melee weapons can be used for ranged attacks and spell-casting.

The Moon-Touched Sword is a two-handed greatsword that deals 2d6 slashing damage. This weapon is a magic weapon and deals extra damage to creatures resistant to magic. Its blade is also capable of loping off limbs. It also sheds a bright light for 10 feet around the user, making it an excellent weapon for fighting enemies who use darkness.

The DDS Holy Avenger’s damage type is flexible and can be tailored to various enemies. It can deal 2d6 extra damage to evil enemies. It also has a chance to banish unscrupulous outsiders. The DPS Holy Avenger has the opportunity to disrupt undead or red/purple named enemies. Furthermore, it absorbs a percentage of elemental damage if equipped.

The DDS Holy Avenger is the best weapon for a Paladin. It has 1d8 piercing damage, 2d10 radiant damage, and a sneak attack. Having two weapons is good if you’re multiclassing with a Rogue. But you can’t have it all, so be prepared to deal with this nitpick.

You can use the second TR to increase the weapon’s stats if you have a high-level paladin. The second TR increases the weapon’s critical damage range, crit chance, and insight bonus. Adding additional properties will require many Epic Ingredients and Tokens, so make sure you have them in hand before you start crafting.

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Dispels Magic With DD Holy Avenger
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