Free Things to Do in Knoxville in February

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If you want to see a beautiful mountain town without the crowds, there are a few free things to do in Knoxville in February. Visit the Blount Mansion, Museum of East Tennessee History, Cherokee Caverns, and more. There are also many free events and things to do in Knoxville during the winter months, including a free Winter Family Fun Day on February 8.

Blount Mansion

Visit the historic Blount Mansion in Knoxville, Tennessee, in February. This antebellum mansion was built in 1792 by William Blount, the first state senator and governor of Tennessee. Native Americans visited the property and called it “the house with many eyes.” The Mansion served as a center of politics and political activity for decades, but eventually, it was slated for demolition. Fortunately, preservation efforts by the local community saved the Mansion from destruction. Preservationists have been working hard to restore the Mansion to its original state.

The Mansion’s yearly Christmas fundraiser is a great way to see the city’s architecture, including its 18th-century windows and furniture. Visitors to the Mansion can also see the work of local volunteers from the Knoxville Garden Club. Guests will enjoy a festive dinner, wine and food, and holiday carols performed by local singers. The Blount Mansion is the perfect spot for a holiday party.

The Mansion was originally built on two levels with a parlor and hall on the ground floor. The first floor was just one level, and the second story contained a large staircase that led to the half-floor loft. Later, two wings were added, and the home was expanded. The separate kitchen is modeled on a typical eighteenth-century kitchen, and the Governor’s Office was a law office.

The home was built on a hill overlooking the Holston River. Drury Paine Armstrong was a successful Knoxville lawyer and entrepreneur, and his wife, Magdalena Aebli, died in 1924. The estate included eight enslaved African-Аmericans, including Celia, an 18-year-old, and an unnamed infant. In addition to his wife, Clara, and Benjamin, these families owned several tracts of land near downtown Knoxville. During World War II, the house was also the site of an underground railroad.

Museum of East Tennessee History

Visiting the Museum of East Tennessee History in Knoxville in February is an excellent idea if you’re in the area. The museum is accessible all year, and the exhibit, It’ll Tickle Yore Innards! A Hillbilly History of Mountain Dew is well worth a stop. You can visit the Blount Mansion, the James White’s Fort, and the Women Basketball Hall of Fame downtown Knoxville.

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The East Tennessee History Center, located on Gay Street in Knoxville, is a small but packed museum. Exhibits range from Native Americans to TVA, country music, and Civil War-era items. The museum uses personal artifacts to illustrate history. The museum’s signature exhibit is Voices of the Land: The People of East Tennessee, which features the work of the acclaimed musician Willie Nelson and other famous East Tennesseeans.

One exhibit is about the racial mindset of Knoxvillians after the Civil War. There is a case that showcases “Mammy” dolls, which were often stereotyped depictions of African American women. Another case highlights the stereotypes presented by local photographers, the Knaffl Brothers. There are also numerous items from the 1910 Appalachian Exposition and a seat from the Gem Theatre, which opened in 1913.

While the Tennessee History Museum does not have established order, it is an excellent place to bring kids. The exhibits appeal to young children and those who like to flit from one object to another. There is also a fantastic 5-minute video that gives a general overview of East Tennessee. You can even watch it as you wander the exhibits. This video will help you choose a perfect time to visit the museum.

Cherokee Caverns

For a unique experience in Knoxville, Tennessee, visit the Cherokee Caverns. The underground chambers contain petrified ancient marine life and rock formations estimated to be 300 million years old. You can also see evidence of Native American use. The caverns first opened to the public for tours in the 1920s when singing cowboy Homer Harris performed in the Crystal Ballroom cavern.

The caverns are 58 degrees year-round, so you can expect to feel comfortable no matter what time you visit. This year, the caverns were also hosting Christmas in July 2021. There will be a special Christmas-themed event with outdoor shopping and fun surprises. If you visit during the holiday season, don’t forget to bring the family for a unique “Grinch and Grinch” photo opportunity!

Admission to Cherokee Caverns is only $10 per person, and children under four are free. You can also park for free and explore the entire space. The caverns are accessible to everyone so that you can have a fantastic time at the attraction no matter your physical fitness level. It is a unique experience! You can’t miss it! If you’re in Knoxville, Tennessee, you’ll be glad you went! Just be sure to bring your camera because the temperature is 58 degrees year-round.

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Cherokee Caverns is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an adventure during the winter. It’s open only a few days a year, but if you’re planning a trip there in December, you might want to consider going during the Christmas season. You’ll find plenty of Christmas decorations and music. Kids’ activities will keep them entertained.

Museum of Science and Art

The Museum of Science and Art in Knoxville, Tennessee, will open in the coming years. The museum will blend science and art with over 4,000 square feet of interactive play space. The museum is also home to Knoxville’s only planetarium and hosts a full calendar of special events. A sign-in sheet for one of the public meetings shows that 27 people attended the meeting. But many critics think that the museum should have been built sooner.

One exhibit that’s well worth seeing is the Octonauts’ Amazon Adventure 4-D, an exhibition that’s perfect for children. Visitors can experience the show by getting a timed ticket. Another exhibit to check out is National Engineer’s Week, which celebrates engineers worldwide and encourages the next generation to pursue an engineering career. The exhibit runs from January 4 until February 19, 2022.

A February visit to the Museum of Science and Art in Knoxville will give you a taste of the city’s rich culture. While you’re in Knoxville, consider visiting the Mabry-Hazen House Museum. This National Register of Historic Places property has the country’s most extensive collection of family heirlooms. It served as the headquarters of both Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War. Visit the “Christmas Tour” and the Lineage and Legacy exhibit.

The Bijou Theater is another exciting attraction. The fourth-oldest building in Knoxville has recently undergone a $2 million renovation. It features a lively music scene and perfect acoustics. The historic building has also survived a World War II battle and was once a fruit stand, bar, and hotel. It is a vital piece of Knoxville’s revitalization. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon of art or want to relax afterward, the Bijou offers excellent dining options.

Bijou Theater

In Knoxville, the Bijou Theatre will host four live shows during March. The limited seating will encourage social distancing as well as online streaming. The first show is on March 5 and is called “Kelsey’s Woods.” The second is on March 12, followed by “Temp Job” and “Crawdaddy Jones.” And the last performance is on March 27 and will feature Three Star Revival.

The Bijou Theatre was originally built for vaudeville and was later converted into a cinema. It opened on March 8, 1909, as a part of the Well’s theater chain. Architect Oakley designed the theatre with two balconies for each theater level. The upper balcony, which could only be accessed from the side street, was used to store technical equipment. In the event of a fire, it could be used as an emergency egress.

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Free Things to Do in Knoxville in February
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