Close Lyrics by Ella Mai

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The Close lyrics are part of the album “Shot Lock.” You can read them below. You may also want to listen to Close by Ella Mai for free! There are plenty of other great songs by Ella Mai that is worth a listen, too! If you enjoy hip-hop, you’ll surely enjoy Close lyrics! Here are some of the most popular ones:

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Cheap Shot lyrics by Ella Mai

The self-titled album by Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Ella Mai contains several tracks, including Cheap Shot, a song about heartbreak. Cheap Shot is the perfect album to start any new year with a relatable storyline, ear-pleasing vocals, and lush instrumentation. If you’re unfamiliar with Ella Mai, check out her biography to learn more. She’s a young artist who’s already made a name for herself.

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Shot lock ella mai song

“Shot Clock” is a famous track by the English singer Ella Mai, which reached number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song’s lyrics were written by the singer and produced by DJ Mustard. In this video, she tries to woo a man after five years of dating him. But her shot clock is ticking down, and she has 100 things to do before the time runs out.

If you want to know what the words of this song mean, this article will help you. Here, you’ll discover a list of the most popular songs by this artist, including those from Bollywood and Hollywood. You can find the lyrics in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Hindi, and Tamil. This list is not comprehensive, so feel free to browse the site to learn the song’s meaning.

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Close Lyrics by Ella Mai
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