Ramside Hall London Offers an Asian Afternoon Tea

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Ramside Hall is a London landmark where visitors can indulge in an afternoon tea with a difference. In addition to traditional afternoon tea options, Ramside Hall offers an Asian twist on the tradition. Using loose leaf tea from Camellia’s Tea House, this award-winning establishment can provide an extensive range of teas and herbal teas with various health-promoting properties. Its blend features ingredients like chamomile flower, which has long been used to relieve eczema and allergies.

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Traditional afternoon tea is available at Ramside Hall.

Afternoon tea is a British tradition firmly rooted in the past, but the fusion restaurant at Ramside Hall brings the world of Asian cuisine indoors. It incorporates classic Eastern flavors with fresh herbs, bright colors, and various fresh ingredients to create an array of delectable dishes. It’s also available in the café. This restaurant’s reservations are unavailable through OpenTable, so you’ll need to call ahead and reserve a table.

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In keeping with its heritage, Ramside Hall uses a bespoke tea blend with ingredients promoting health. The tea blend includes chamomile flower, which is known to calm nerves and soothe allergies. The Chinese-style savory egg tart is also available, and if you’d prefer a lighter taste, you can opt for a chicken and vegetable wrap. Many other dishes are available, including traditional English afternoon tea sandwiches.

Fusion restaurant offers sandwiches and cakes.

If you want an exotic afternoon tea with an Asian twist, why not try the Fusion restaurant at the Ramside Hall Spa? This stylish restaurant offers Asian-inspired dishes, blending traditional recipes from South East Asia with local produce. The menu features a range of teas, coffees, and a unique afternoon tea. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, with the restaurant boasting a large blossom tree and a palette of green and brown.

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Ramside Hall London Offers an Asian Afternoon Tea
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