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Earlier this week, Amazon announced a new service called IMDb Freedive, which will let you watch TV shows and movies without a subscription. Freedive content will be accessible on any device, including your phone. It also supports big-screen viewing through the Amazon Fire TV. IMDb Freedive is a great way to get the latest movies and TV shows without spending a single penny.

IMDb Freedive

Amazon has been rumored to launch an ad-supported streaming service for Prime Video, but instead, it has announced a new free app. It’s called IMDb Freedive for iOS and is currently available on the IMDb website and Amazon Fire TV devices. Prime Video users can also watch movies from its catalog using the app. Eventually, the ad-supported service is also expected to be available on its apps.

IMDb Freedive has recently added several new features to its iOS app, including a new video section. You can find popular full-length films and TV shows, as well as X-Ray, a new feature powered by authoritative information, on IMDb. The app also features popular IMDb original video series. This category will continue to expand in the future, so keep an eye on it for updates!

Another app feature is X-Ray, which uses the IMDb database to display supplementary content. This lets users see brief information about a scene while watching a movie. You can also view related titles and scene notes. While watching a movie, you can get additional content, like photos and videos. The service is currently available for iOS and Android, so downloading it to your iOS device is worth downloading.

Earlier this year, Amazon launched the ad-supported streaming service known as Freedive. It offers free access to thousands of movies and TV episodes. Amazon has promoted the streaming service on Roku and Fire TV through its Amazon Channel and has even released a dedicated IMDb app for iOS. With the IMDb Freedive app, you’ll never have to pay for a subscription or subscribe to a television service again.

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The app also allows users to create a watchlist to find upcoming films. The watchlist function is much better than on Netflix or Hulu and lets you filter by movie and TV series. You can even contribute to IMDb’s film database by rating movies and TV shows. It’s a good option for movie buffs who love movies, but it’s not a perfect solution for everyone.


Amazon has announced IMDb TV, an ad-supported streaming service available on iOS and Android devices. The app also supports devices such as the Roku and Google TV. It was previously only available via a web browser but recently expanded to smartphones and Android tablets. Amazon already has a dedicated IMDb TV app for iOS, but users can also download the newest version of the service for Android.

IMDb already has some video content available, ranging from trailers to celebrity interviews and short-form original series. Freedive combines these features with the IMDb video library. These videos will remain free to watch, but you can also learn more about a specific title by using the X-Ray feature. The X-Ray tab offers more information on labels, including descriptions and reviews.

Unlike the previous IMDb TV app, IMDb TV is a subscription-based service that requires an account. You can view free movies on the app, but if you have a Prime membership, you can watch more movies than the free version. The app’s growing movie collection will be a great selling point for Amazon. The company also plans to partner with major studios to make its service even more popular.

Amazon Prime Video has an X-Ray option, which draws from the IMDb database to offer supplementary content while watching a film. While watching a movie, an X-Ray displays related titles, scene notes, and other additional content. Fire TV owners don’t need to log in, but they can log in using a Facebook or Google account and create a free IMDb account.

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In addition to iOS devices, Amazon has made the IMDb TV app available on Android and Fire TV platforms. Currently, the app only supports the United States, but there is an upcoming version for the UK. The IMDb TV app has excellent content, but it contains ads. This app is worth a try. It’s free to watch a movie or two on the go!

IMDbPro membership-based service

IMDbPro offers a variety of membership-based features. These include casting directors, film producers, agents, studio executives, and more. Among the many perks of membership are the expanded listings for films in development. These listings feature cast and crew credits, plot summaries, technical specs, and synopsis. In addition, the expanded In-Development listings offer even more information on movies and television shows.

As an IMDbPro member, you will access detailed contact information and tools to manage your profile. You’ll also have access to exclusive STARmeter rankings based on the number of page views you get on IMDb. IMDbPro also provides a mobile app for users to search millions of profiles and keep up with the latest industry trends. It’s worth noting that IMDbPro has a special rate for new members in India.

IMDbPro members also get a range of notifications, including when their profiles are featured in the news or when their contact information changes. This means that they’re constantly updated and in the know about the latest job opportunities. In addition, they can browse hundreds of casting notices posted daily and apply directly to the roles they’d like to play. Not only are they posted daily, but they’re also cross-platform, allowing users to refine their search by adding advanced filters. Furthermore, they can apply directly to roles they’re interested in with the click of a button.

Another new feature of IMDbPro is its ability to identify disabled professionals. It allows users to search for talents who self-identify as members of the disability community and win the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. This new feature will be further refined after Easterseals feedback. It has been noted that there are many benefits to this new feature, and we encourage you to take a look. This membership-based service is worth considering.


You’ve probably heard of IMDb before, but did you know they have an iOS app? The IMDb Freedive app is the new way to browse their massive database and watch movies and TV shows. The app offers short-form original content, trailers, and interviews and takes a cue from Amazon Prime Video. It features X-Ray, which provides information about a movie’s cast and the current scene. IMDB is the source of the data used in the Amazon Prime version of X-Ray.

When viewing a film, you can also read up on its cast, soundtrack, and other details. X-Ray even has a “see all” feature that will pause the movie to show you all the relevant information. You can also jump to specific scenes, see the cast list, and learn about any bonus material, such as special editions or documentaries. You can also see what kind of movies have starred which actor.

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IMDb Freedive For iOS and Android
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