Weddings at Villa Le Fontanelle in Tuscany

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Villa Le Fontanelle is a high-level Provence B&B surrounded by an olive grove. It offers seven suites and a generous continental breakfast. The property also provides accommodation for elopements, making it an excellent option for couples planning a small wedding in Tuscany. Read on to learn more about this exclusive location. Listed below are some of its most popular features. A wedding at Villa Le Fontanelle can range from a small celebration to an entire ceremony.

Villa Le Fontanelle is a private location for an exclusive wedding in Tuscany.

Villa Le Fontanelle is the perfect choice when planning a special event in the Tuscan countryside. The stunning venue is perched in a beautiful garden on a hillside and features a romantic rooftop terrace for your wedding ceremony. The property is perfect for intimate and large wedding celebrations and can be used for symbolic and civil ceremonies. The venue is ideal for small weddings but can accommodate up to 30 guests.

The exclusive property features seven beautiful suites that sleep up to fourteen guests. Some rooms can even accommodate an extra bed for guests if needed. In addition to the large garden, Villa Le Fontanelle also has a chapel for a Protestant or symbolic wedding. A private chapel is available for those wishing to exchange vows or receive blessings. The Villa is just 10 minute drive from Florence’s Peretola airport.

In addition to its beautiful gardens, Villa Le Fontanelle is also home to an old iron greenhouse. The property offers the privacy you need while still being close to the city. Its gardens have over 30 thousand plants and are a picturesque sight. The Italian garden has an internal lake and parterre de vaudeville. It even has a winter garden! The Villa’s gardens are breathtaking, and the enchanting chapel is the perfect setting for a wedding.

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Villa Le Fontanelle is a private and romantic venue in the heart of Tuscany. It has beautiful views of Florence and is the perfect location for a romantic Tuscan wedding. Guests will enjoy the local donkey during the reception. The Villa is available for weddings and honeymoon retreats. While the site offers all the amenities of a modern hotel, it is also available for weddings with an authentic Tuscan theme.

It offers symbolic or religious ceremonies.

A symbolic wedding ceremony is an excellent choice if you are looking for a more private ceremony that reflects your unique personality and values. Unlike religious traditions, you can choose whatever song you want and create a unique formula to suit your ceremony. You can also have a symbolic ceremony at a different location if that’s your preference. For example, you can have a ceremony at the church of your choice, such as the Catholic Church.

While there are no legal requirements, many couples choose symbolic ceremonies because they are less expensive and more relaxed than a religious wedding. A symbolic wedding can incorporate any ritual the team wishes to include in their marriage. While a religious wedding can be very traditional, a humanist ceremony can consist of symbolic actions and popular patterns. In addition to weddings, there are many other occasions where rituals mark significant events in a person’s life.

It offers accommodation for elopements.

If you are looking for a romantic location to elope in, look no further than Upland Farm. The farm specializes in elopements and even has a small wedding package for twenty guests or fewer. It offers accommodation in tree houses, glamping tents, and secluded cabins, as well as activities like hiking 100 miles of trails and horseback riding. You can also arrange a star-gazing night or white-water rafting. It even offers helicopter tours!

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It has a romantic aperitif.

If you’re planning a summer destination wedding in Florence, consider booking Villa Le Fontanelle. Nestled on a hillside in Tuscany, this historic mansion is a romantic setting for a wedding. You’ll be surrounded by three hectares of olive groves and an Italian garden with elegant decor. The terrace garden overlooks Florence and offers panoramic views of the city.

After a beautiful sunrise ceremony on the terrace of the Tuscan Villa, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed an aperitif with finger foods and drinks. Later, the wedding party gathered for dinner under a pergola and a dance party. Guests were entertained with choreography by the bride and her bridesmaids. The wedding went smoothly, and everyone was surrounded by love.

If your budget permits, you can enjoy the stunning Tuscan scenery from the terrace of this Villa. You’ll see the cathedral in the distance with a city view. The Villa also offers several rooms with breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. The Villa has seven luxurious suites and a beautiful stone pool. In addition, the Villa’s enchanting gardens are ideal for photo shoots and the party itself.

The Villa Le Fontanelle is a private luxury villa in Tuscany that welcomes the newlyweds and their guests with a breathtaking view of Florence. It is the perfect setting for a Tuscan destination wedding with two expansive terraces and a large inside hall. The venue has a variety of backgrounds and is close to Florence and Pisa.

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Weddings at Villa Le Fontanelle in Tuscany
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