Watching Web Series Like Permanent Roommates

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Permanent Roommates was one of the earliest web series to impact the Indian television scene significantly. Starring rising stars such as Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh, the show follows a young couple named Tanya and Mikesh as they navigate the ups and downs of long-distance relationships. They ultimately decide to move in together after a three-year long-distance relationship.


The Telugu remake of the popular television series “Permanent Roommates” is coming soon to Aha, an OTT streaming service for the Telugu language. As the name suggests, the show centers on two young people living together in an apartment and will have a Telugu title. The series will star Udbhav Raghunandan and Punarnavi Bhupalam.

This comedy web series follows two couples with a love triangle trying to fix things. The show is directed by Pavan Sadineni, who also directed the critically acclaimed Telugu drama Prema Ishq Kadhal. Although Punarnavi has no favorites in the house, she feels that Abhijeeth is doing well in the current season.

The first web series in the series follows two young lovers, Tanya and Mikesh, who are in a long-distance relationship. The show features the chemistry between the lead pair and their parents’ relationship. The series also features some fantastic characters, including Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas. This show is a must-see if you’re a fan of comedy and romance.

Man’s World

If you love Bollywood movies, you will undoubtedly enjoy the “Man’s World” web series. This production of Y Films explores the idea of feminism and gender roles through the story of a perpetually annoyed man. The web series stars prominent Bollywood actors in the lead role of Mikesh and Tanya, two long-term lovers from different social classes. In the web series, you will witness the struggles that both couples face when their families meet. This web series will surely make you laugh out loud while watching.

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This web series is a must-watch for any man looking to see how a man can get treated like a woman. The cast is excellent, and there are no terrible actors in this web series. In addition, the writers and directors have done a fantastic job. You can enjoy the web series even if you are a man. You can watch the sequence in Hindi as well as English.

Bang Baaja Baaraat

There are few TV shows on the internet that have garnered viewers’ attention, like TVF’s permanent roommates. The show, which premiered in November 2016, features a young couple who live together for the duration of the show. It’s well-written, well-directed, and highly entertaining, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new show to watch. It’s the third-most-watched long-form web series on YouTube.

It’s hard not to cheer for the underdog in this world of celebrity crushes. In India, for instance, many television shows create characters free from stereotypes. For example, Y Films’ Bang Baaja Baaraat stars a young lover. The character, played by Shernaz Patel, doesn’t care about ageist rules or social norms. In the same way, many people haven’t had the same experiences.

TVF’s permanent roommates proved a hit in India – it’s a massive hit on YouTube. It’s so successful that the show has surpassed the highest number of views on YouTube. But, despite being an instant hit, TVF’s web content isn’t for everyone. While some of the shows have been terrible, some are also perfect. And this is just the beginning.


If you like to watch a web series about permanent roommates, you will probably enjoy Baked. The show follows the lives of three college students who run a late-night food delivery service. The characters in Baked are relatable, and the caricatures are accurate. The writing is also excellent. It’s fun and lighthearted to pass the time while binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

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The popular web series has been around for more than a decade. Its premise is that long-distance lovers face challenges in their relationships and even the possibility of marriage. The series follows the characters, Mikesh and Tanya, through the challenges they face. Several years after the web series first aired, it is still one of the most popular series in India. Despite its age, it remains relevant and is one of the best comedy series.

Ladies Room

The raunchiest Y-Films series is Ladies Room, the story of two best friends, Khanna and Dingo, as they navigate life as modern young girls. The web series is a satire on the contemporary young girlfriend, and it stars Vineet, Naveen Bansal, Jitendra Maheshwari, Saurabh Mandal, Bhati, and Rajat Khanna. The show is hosted by The Viral Fever, an online digital entertainment channel founded by Arunabh Kumar.

The sarcastic and comedic nature of the show keeps viewers engaged throughout the episode. Its latest episode deals with a controversial issue, such as contraception. The series is a popular choice among younger viewers who are already savvy about these issues. But even if you’re not into the subject matter, you might want to watch the web series as a way to laugh. It may not be the best show for everyone, but it has some great qualities.

TVF’s ‘Permanent Roommates’ is an early web series featuring a rising star cast. The show revolved around the lives of young couples, Tanya and Mikesh, who had a long-distance relationship for three years. The two eventually decide to move in together. This series has become a rage on YouTube, with the first episode being viewed over 1.9 million times!

Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa

The series ‘Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa’ is a comedy about sex and sexuality. The show features a 7-year-old boy named Pappu, who has a strange question for his Papa. The father believes it is essential to educate kids about sex from a young age since this will prevent them from trying to hide their feelings from their parents. The show also features some of the best comedic sketches of all time.

The show tells the story of the Watsa family, highlighting seven-year-old Pappu and seven-year-old Anand. Pappu and Papa have lots of fun stories to share with their viewers, and they’re great company for an afternoon or evening. You’ll be laughing for hours while watching their hilarious antics and enlightening musings.

Sex education is an essential topic in modern society, and Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa debunks the taboos of sex. The film features Kabir Sajid as a curious boy and Anand Tiwari as his slightly eccentric father. In the first episode, Kabir Sajid answers a child’s questions on pregnancy, sex, homosexuality, and menstruation.

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Watching Web Series Like Permanent Roommates
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