The LEGO Disney Princess Moana Island Adventure Playset

The LEGO Disney, Princess Moana island adventure playset is an excellent gift for your little girl! It’s straight out of the movie Moana and includes Moana’s grandmother’s house. It measures over 5″ tall, nine inches long, and three inches wide. My daughter loves Lego characters and will have a blast playing with the Moana Island Adventure Playset! My daughter, nearly five, is enchanted by the Moana doll and the house she’s building. I’m so glad I gave her this gift!

Moana of Oceania mini-doll

This Moana of Oceania mini-doll adventure playset has ten articulation points, allowing your child to play just like Moana. The set also comes with a removable necklace and outfit for Moana. The accessories are film-authentic. Suitable for children aged two and up, this playset is perfect for introducing your child to Disney princesses.

A perfect gift for young fans of the film, this Moana of Oceania mini-figure is a must-have. The cute and cuddly doll clips onto the back of Maui, her shapeshifting cousin. The set also comes with a necklace and a hawk figure. The doll is available for purchase in most major toy stores. If your child doesn’t yet own a Moana doll, you can purchase her a Moana of Oceania mini-doll adventure playset at a low price from Amazon.

Moana of Oceania’s pet pig

This Moana of Oceania playset contains two characters – a young girl, Moana, and her demigod friend, Maui. Moana is a courageous and adventurous young girl who embarks on an epic voyage to save her people and answer her questions. Her faithful pet pig, Pua, and her rooster friend, Heihei, are also included in the set. The pig and rooster friends feature lighted shell necklaces and play phrases, and the pig is equipped with a song. Both Moana and Pua feature movable legs and movement, and each piece of the playset includes 3 AAA batteries for operation.

Moana of Oceania is a beautiful, compassionate 16-year-old who sets sail on a journey unlike anything she has ever experienced. Dedicated to finding the answers to her many questions, Moana is determined to protect the people of her island and make a better world for everyone. The Disney Moana adventure playset allows children to relive her adventures, allowing them to pretend to be her in the movie. In addition to the doll, the set includes the demigod Maui, Moana’s pig Pua, and Moana’s protective pet pig Pua. All the figures are beautifully detailed and provide hours of play.

Moana of Oceania is a 2016 American computer-animated musical adventure film directed by Ron Clements. Moana is also known as Vaiana and Oceania in some markets. The film was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-directed by Ron Clements, Aaron, and Jordan Kandell. Dwayne Johnson and Osnat Shurer lent their voices to the film. Moana’s pet pig, Pua, is a devoted friend who plays a vital role in her life.

Tamatoa is a self-absorbed 50-foot crab who lives in Lakota. He sings the catchy song ‘Shiny,’ which he uses to woo Moana. Moana’s paternal grandmother, Tala, shares her love of the sea. The chief of Motunui Island, Tui, is voiced by Temuera Morrison. Moana’s mother, Sina, is voiced by Nicole Scherzinger.

Moana’s house

If your child loves the movie Moana and is looking for a great toy to help her learn about the legend of Polynesia, then you may want to consider the LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s island adventure playset. The colorful playset comes with Moana’s grandmother’s house, which measures over five inches by nine inches by three inches. Kids will love playing with the colorful, fun characters of the film and the accompanying LEGO sets.

This toy set includes a sailboat, decorated fabric sail, and a heart of Te Fiti element. The collection also contains other play starters, such as the sailboat and a magic oar. The Moana’s house adventure playset is an excellent holiday gift for your child’s room and will inspire creative play for years to come. Once your child has completed the playset, they can add more sets to complete the scene.

The Moana playset lets your child relive their favorite scenes from the film as they make up new scenes. Kids will enjoy the movie’s colorful characters and want to explore them themselves. They will love the demigod Maui zips through the playset while Kakamora zooms through the island oasis. The set also includes a removable outfit for your child. The Moana house adventure playset is recommended for kids three and older.

Another great feature of the Moana house adventure playset is that it comes with several pieces. You can even use them to build other models in the film. Moana is an excellent example of how children can play with LEGO and learn about different cultures. It’s also essential to Disney’s animation and children’s imagination. With so many other options to build with, Moana’s house adventure playset is sure to inspire imagination and creativity.

Cave area with waterfall

The Moana Island adventure playset features a cave area with a waterfall and outriggers that your child can explore. The cave also has unique drums, a palm tree, a rotisserie, two fish, and a heart of Te Fiti. Moana’s torso is printed to match her movie counterpart. Her hairpiece features a pinhole that can connect to a white flower.

The Moana Island adventure comprises smaller structures, such as a beach scene and a cave with a waterfall. There is also a heart of te Fiti and a roasted spit, along with sailing motifs and two drums. You can even put outriggers on top of things, which is an excellent touch. For a more detailed representation of Moana, check out Moana’s Village, which contains more than a tiny structure.

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The LEGO Disney Princess Moana Island Adventure Playset
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