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Before ordering this dish, you should know the word “Mama” in Bangkok. It is Thai for “noodle” and is pronounced, “Marr-Maa.” This noodle dish is made with dehydrated noodles that are crushed by hand, seasoned, and served in a sachet with transparent paste or oil. You can eat it raw or add a bit of egg to it.

Jeh Oh Chula’s Tom Yum Mama Noodles

If you’re craving tom yam and seafood dishes in Bangkok, head to Buzzy Eatery. This popular spot specializes in tom yam and street food snacks. You can even get a bowl of tom yam noodles with shrimp. This Bangkok restaurant has both traditional and modern Thai dishes. It’s also located near the river, making it the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Located near the National Stadium BTS station and the Chulalongkorn University, this famous local noodle shop has been around for over 30 years. It has an enormous indoor seating area and an outdoor dining area. You can find it close to shopping malls like Siam Paragon. It’s also centrally located in Bangkok and just a short walk from the BTS station.

This restaurant is renowned for its authentic Thai dishes and unique twist on the Tom Yum soup, made with instant Mama Noodles. Popular with locals and university students, Jeh Oh Chula’s menu also includes fusion dishes and upgraded versions of traditional Thai fare. You can order a sour, tangy, and spicy bowl of Tom Yum accompanied by the side of garlic and ginger.

The original Jeh Oh’s Khao Tom Ped was located on Soi Chula 22. This popular street-side restaurant was named after the mother of the owner Hia Gao. After her marriage, the family had to move from their neighborhood because of a city-planning plan. The former street is now home to the Samyan Mitrtown mall. The delicious Tom Yum Mama Noodles in Bangkok are still famous today, and it’s no wonder that tourists surround Hia Gao and her husband.

Streat Thai’s Mama noodle dish

The MAMA noodle dish at Streat Thai is a staple of any Thailand visit. The word is reminiscent of a dish served on a Thailand street stall, and the spicy sauce on the noodle is a perfect combination. This is a popular Bangkok street food chain. You can find outlets at Jaya One and Tesco Kepong. Thai chefs are recruited to work at restaurants in Malaysia, making it possible for you to enjoy authentic Thai dishes.

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You can find the restaurant in the bustling Jaya One neighborhood. The open-air, breezy restaurant has a giant screen to watch the game. The menu is extensive, and the atmosphere is vibrant. The staff is friendly and helpful, and you’ll be seated in no time. The atmosphere is lively, and the prices are reasonable. You’ll notice right away that the menu does not have pork dishes, making it a good option for people with dietary restrictions.

One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is Mama noodle soup. It has become a staple Bangkok meal. It is served in a rich, creamy tom yum broth, accompanied by a medley of seafood and vegetables. The Mama Chicken Soup was discontinued in 1973, but the Minced Pork Soup came along two years later. It has since become one of the best-selling soups in Thailand. The restaurant’s Tom Yum Goong soup was introduced in 1980 and carried the same badass silver packaging.

Another place to try MAMA noodles is Baan Korat Thai in Klang. This restaurant was previously known as Khunyai Thai BBQ and Mookata Steamboat but has relocated to Klang. Its signature MAMA noodle dish is the Giant Fresh Water Prawn Noodle. Regular seafood MAMA noodles are also available. You can order a large MAMA noodle bowl if you’re hungry and can’t make a group.

Ikan dari ikan & keripik

Ikan dan Ikan & keep KOM – A popular fried-seafood dish in Bangkok, Thailand, is the perfect combination of chicken, ikan, and beef. The chicken is boiled in a traditional Thai-style broth, then dipped in savory sambal. While the chicken is delicious, it’s not the only dish in Bangkok.

Ikan dan & keripik Mama Mee, a local dish in Thailand, has a reputation for being particularly spicy and bursting with flavor. This dish is incredibly versatile and easy to make. The chicken is sliced thinly, and the sauce is seasoned with lemon juice, ginger, and other spices. The pork is also tender and moist, and the meat has a distinctly sweet flavor reminiscent of the fish it is based on.


Generally, the prices for Mama mee in Bangkok are relatively low. They range from around 6 Baht for a small serving to 20 Baht for a medium-sized bowl. You can also get the noodle bowl at roadside restaurants and expect to pay between 25 and 40 Baht, depending on how spicy you want. Unless you like your noodles overly spicy, you may wish to avoid Mama mee Bangkok for the price.

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In Thailand, Mama is stir-fried with various vegetables and meat. A must-try is Tomyum Mama, which is an iconic late-night dish. This soupy noodle dish is made with tom yum sauce and generous amounts of seafood and meatballs. The noodle bowl is popular street food in Bangkok and can be found on nearly any corner. You can find a restaurant that serves it permanently or a motorcycle with a makeshift stall.

When you visit a Mama mee restaurant in Bangkok, you can expect to pay between 12 and 15 Baht for a single cup of noodles. This is significantly cheaper than the price for a large bowl of Golden Wonder’s Pot Noodle, which costs about 1 pound. In fact, with the current exchange rate, you can buy three cups of MAMA noodles in Thailand for the same price as a one-pot noodle in the UK. Not only are MAMA cups cheaper, but the taste is much better.

You may have tried the famous Tom Yum Mama Noodles at Mama Mee Bangkok. If you haven’t, you may be wondering if you can enjoy the same tasty Thai noodle soup at home. Here’s the scoop: you can eat Mama noodles as a snack, a bowl of soup, or a full meal. The delicious noodles come in packets with jagged edges and are packed with spicy seasoning.

Authentic Thai food is found here, including the famous Mama Mee. You will be pleased with the delicious tom yam broth, handmade pork balls, and fresh seafood. Thai cuisine doesn’t have to be overly spicy, and Mama Mee can be enjoyed with a group of friends or family. If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, try one of the restaurants below. They offer an extensive menu in different parts of the city, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

The official name of this Khao Tom Ped is Jeh Oh Chula, which is famous for its take on the traditional Thai Tom Yum soup. This soup is a hit among the locals and university students. Besides Tom Yum soup, however, you’ll also find more than just this dish. Other dishes on the menu are inspired by classic Thai recipes and even feature fusion flavors. Depending on your budget, you can find something on the Mama Mee Bangkok menu that’s right for you.

For those who want a spicy kick to their Thai food, Mama Mee Cafe offers an option to choose the degree of spice. Try a sweeter Tom Yam if you dislike the spicy variety. You should get a level three if you didn’t handle it. You won’t regret it. A meal at Mama Mee Bangkok will keep you full for a while, and the variety is enough to satisfy your appetite.

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Mama Mee in Bangkok
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