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If you have not visited Daikanyama yet, here are some things you should know. The menu, location, and clientele are just a few things to remember. You can also try out the restaurant’s take on some of the classic Japanese dishes. So, what should you look for? Read on to find out more! Until next time, have a delicious meal! And, don’t forget to check out the other great locations in Boston!

The Daikanyama chestnut hill menu is an excellent place to enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine. Owner Judy Chow, who owns restaurants in Lexington and Concord, wanted to find a name representing her hometown. That’s why she named her restaurants after the Daikanyama district of Tokyo. Although Chow may be in a kimono, her waitstaff is dressed in modern clothes.

The Daikanyama menu consists of traditional Japanese fare and dishes with unique ingredients. Some of the sushi dishes include teriyaki, yakitori, and gyoza. If you’re looking for a unique Japanese food experience, try the “sunny maki,” which combines sweet (pumpkin tempura) and tart flavors (raspberries). The menu also features pan-fried vegetables, tofu, and a selection of sake.

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The chef at Daikanyama employs sous chefs and sushi chefs to prepare the dishes. Chow believes the food attracts customers, so she focuses on making everything look good. The specials of the week are designed to reflect that philosophy. The team meets on Thursdays to discuss what dishes to offer customers. The result is a menu that is as diverse as its dishes. It is well worth the trip to Chestnut Hill.


The original Daikanyama opened in Lexington in 2008 and has since expanded to a second location in the Mall at Chestnut Hill. Owner Judy Chow chose a name that would reflect the town in which it’s located, and she settled on Daikanyama, a Japanese neighborhood in Tokyo. This restaurant is open seven days a week and has been a staple of the Chestnut Hill food scene.

The Daikanyama restaurant is a popular destination for Asian cuisine. The restaurant is located on Mall Level 1 inside Bloomingdale’s Fashion. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and features live piano music. Guests are welcome to dine in the restaurant’s elegant and casual setting and will be pleased with the quality of the food. There’s a parking lot nearby, too. Alternatively, the restaurant can be found at multiple locations throughout Boston.

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Besides the sushi, Daikanyama also offers traditional Japanese dishes. The menu features noodle dishes, rice-based meals, extensive salads, and various appetizers. The restaurant recognizes that the quality of its food keeps customers returning to the restaurant. Additionally, Daikanyama also creates specials that change each week. The chef and her team meet every Thursday to decide on the weekly menu.


The newest addition to Lexington’s dining scene is Daikanyama. A stylish, modern Japanese restaurant next to Bloomingdale’s department store, Daikanyama is an intelligent, contemporary Japanese restaurant. The restaurant is located in the same space previously home to Peking Garden, a very plain-looking restaurant. Unlike Peking Garden, Daikanyama boasts lots of blonde wood, attractive pictures on the walls, and a tiny sushi bar in the back. The waitstaff is very friendly and dressed in contemporary clothes.

The extensive menu at Daikanyama features both familiar and unique dishes. Guests can order sushi, noodles, rice dishes, and vegetarian fare. They can also order teriyaki, yakitori, or chicken katsu. And, of course, sushi is not just for the Japanese. Customers can also order ramen and other words, including sashimi and another Japanese-American cuisine.


Judy Chow owns the restaurant. She also owns Daikanyama in Lexington, MA. She wanted to name her restaurants something that reflected her town. She chose to name them after a neighborhood in Tokyo, Daikanyama. Hence, the new Chestnut Hill location has a new name. Daikanyama Chestnut Hill offers a wide range of Japanese cuisine.

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Daikanyama Chestnut Hill
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