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If you haven’t been following the WWE leaked figures, it’s time to start. Unstable1047 has a news article containing a leak of the upcoming WWE Basic Series and Elite Series figures. The new leak is also a sign of a possible Ruthless Aggression action figure, which could be coming soon! We’ve rounded up the most recent WWE leaks and discussed the implications of these new leaks.

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Unstable1047 leaked upcoming WWE Elite and Basic Series figures.

YouTube user Unstable1047 has leaked several upcoming figures. These figures include the WWE Elite 88 and 89 lineups, Basic Series 119 and 120, and the upcoming WWE Legends 10 lineup. These are all speculations based on the leaks, but it does seem that the Elite series will likely include a few new faces. The new Elite wave may feature the first Elite figure of Kushida, along with Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio, MVP, and Trish Stratus. The figure might have updated arms, but it is unclear what else will be included in the wave.

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Unstable1047 also claimed to have obtained detailed photos of upcoming WWE Elite and Basic Series figures, which would give fans a head start on shopping for these figures. The WWE Elite Series 120 figure is also expected to include Carrion Kross, Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Pete Dunne, as well as several other wrestlers unknown primarily to collectors. There is no definite plan to produce these figures, but they have some exciting potential.

Unstable1047 petition to get a Ruthless Aggression action figure

Many fans of the WWE are now hoping that the Mattel elite line will bring a Ruthless Aggression action figure series to life. Mattel has been the exclusive licensee for WWE action figures for years and has already produced some great ones. This new series is slated to cover the years 2002 to 2008. These figures include Brock Lesnar with the Undisputed Championship Title, Shawn Michaels with the ring bell, Batista with lamp accessory, and more.

Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan on the way

‘Ultimate Edition’ Hulk Hogan is on the way for WWE collectors. The figure will have three distinct head scans, white wrist tape, and ‘Hulkster’ bandana and will feature interchangeable hands and an old-school-style silver WWE championship. Mattel’s website has more details about the figure. It will be available for pre-order beginning March 21st.

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WWE Leaked Figures
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