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Are you looking for a job in Malta? Then consider applying with Tipico. The website features the latest job vacancies from leading companies in Malta. The website also offers helpful information on the country’s work environment, including the type of jobs available and where to apply. Interested candidates can upload their resumes and CV and apply for an appointment online or through traditional mail. For more information, please visit the Tipico Careers page.


Deutsche Telekom and Centerbridge Partners are bidding to acquire Tipico in a deal valued at EUR1 billion. Other companies bidding to reach the casino and sports betting operator include CVC Capital Partners and XIO Group. The deal could end in a tie. If Centerbridge and T-Mobile cannot agree, the company may be sold to a private investor. Despite the recent changes in ownership, the company’s operations are likely to continue.

CVC Capital Partners, Deutsche Telekom, Advent, and Xiu were among the companies that made offers for the company. The private investment firm CVC is one of the largest shareholders in Tipico. The partnership also has a stake in Sky Bet, so that the merger could result in synergistic effects. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, the Tipico deal could prove to be a winning strategy for CVC.

CVC, a private equity firm, has signed an agreement with Tipico to acquire a majority stake. The deal has the potential to increase Tipico’s market share. The new investor will drive Tipico’s growth in the sports betting market. The company has 5,000 employees and has partnered with teams such as Hamburg SV and Bayern Munchen. This acquisition could result in a new phase of consolidation and expansion in the industry.

The sale of Tipico was initially offered for sale in April 2016. Although other parties could be interested in buying Tipico, CVC and XIO Group have yet to make formal statements. The company did not make any legal statements, so no one knew who the buyer was. But they may buy all or part of the company. A majority stake is needed to continue expanding the business. However, the timing and terms of the deal are still unknown.

The offer may value the company at EUR1 billion, or nine times expected core earnings, which is on par with other listed companies. Tipico was founded in 1995 by three students and is profitable, with an EBITDA of EUR110 million in 2015.

While the parties have not yet agreed upon a price, financial circles estimate Tipico at 1,4 billion Euro, a considerably higher valuation than the previous deal valued at about 1,1 billion Euro. There was also stiff competition among potential buyers, including Dax-Group, which owns most of Tipp3 and could have benefited from the company synergies. Telekom could have benefited from obtaining internet rights from games in the Bundesliga.

Deutsche Telekom is not new to the betting market. Nonetheless, the deal with Tipico is a significant one for both companies. While it may be a new entry for Tipico, it is unlikely that it will be the first in the country. As long as the deal benefits Tipico and Deutsche Telekom, the partnership will surely help both companies. If it doesn’t, it will only benefit Deutsche Telekom.

CVC Capital Partners, the Tipico owners, is expected to make a high-value offer. The private equity group has a stake in the company and could benefit from synergies from merging with Sky Bet, which CVC holds in its Sky Sports betting division. Chinese buyout firm XIO Group is also expected to bid. However, Sazka is unlikely to make a high-value offer.

Deutsche Telekom

Originally a bookmaker, Deutsche Telekom (DT) is now interested in acquiring Tipico. The company has a Malta headquarters and more than 750 betting shops in Germany and across Europe. The company employs about 5000 people and earns most of its revenue through internet sales. Since 2004, Tipico has focused on expanding its betting shops and website. The company has also been advertising aggressively, including a relaunch of its website in 2009.

It is unclear what will be included in the deal, but Tipico was founded by four Deutschen entrepreneurs in 2004. The company has been around for six years and is valued at between $1,4 billion and $1,6 billion. In addition to this deal, Deutsche Telekom said it was considering investing in Tipico as an option for future growth. Deutsche Telekom previously owned 64 percent of Tipp3 and is interested in purchasing the rest of Tipico.

The deal may value the company more than 1 billion euros, or nine times expected core earnings. That valuation would put Tipico in line with other listed peers. The company had revenues of 110 million euros before taxes last year. In addition to Tipico, DT owns a 64 percent stake in Tipp3 and Deutsche Sportwetten (DSW) GmbH, which launched operations in Germany the previous year. So DT and Centerbridge have joined forces to increase the value of Tipico.

The partnership with T-Systems will allow Maltese companies to leverage the German Blockchain Ecosystem. T-Systems is a company that offers security solutions, training, and support for solution audits. In addition, DT has partnered with Binance, a digital coin investing company, launching a decentralized bank in Malta. DT has also signed up for Hedera Hashgraph, a decentralized blockchain that creates digital identity. In addition, the two companies are working on a digital identity project, while T-Labs is a blockchain-based AI and Big Data platform.

Another potential buyer for Tipico is the private equity firm Centerbridge, which acquired the online gambling operator Sky Bet for $2.6 billion in 2014. The deal has many implications for Tipico. DT and Centerbridge are expected to submit offers in the next few weeks. DT and Centerbridge declined to comment on the sale. DT and Centerbridge have yet to respond to questions from CVC Capital governance. In addition to CVC Capital’s acquisition of Tipico, the private equity team has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to expand the company’s revenue sources.

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Tipico Malta – Malta’s Leading Job Portal
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