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The Futura X5R is a putter that carries Scotty’s design philosophy to the next level. It features a multi-material construction and a durable face-balanced design. It has a deep center of gravity, which is suitable for a straight-back stroke, but it still offers a slightly curvy face. Proponents of the straight-back-straight-through stroke will like this putter, as it has more curves than the Futura X5.

Single bend shaft

One of the latest high-performance putters is the Cameron & Crown Futura X5R. The putter’s unique single bend shaft design and shorter face-sole length promote a smoother, more arced putting stroke. While this putter is slightly smaller than its predecessor, it still features high MOI, built-in toe flow, and a shorter, single bend shaft.

The Futura X5R putter features a multi-material design with a precision-milled 303 stainless steel body and an anodized aluminum soleplate. The putter has a sleek silver Mist finish and angled back for enhanced stability and flow. Regardless of your personal preference, this putter will be a solid choice for you. The Futura X5R is an excellent choice for players who play in competitive tournaments and need a putter that performs well on the greens.

The Futura X5R putter is a multi-material, face-balanced model that delivers maximum stability. Its dual-material face provides superior strength and resistance to twisting. It also features a lightweight aluminum sole for a faster, more efficient stroke. It has adjustable toe and heel weights and classic cherry-red Cameron graphics. This putter is great for players who like a square-to-square stroke.

Designed for long-range, accurate distance shots, the Phantom X 5.5 uses a single-bend steel shaft and a sleek profile for stability. The putter also boasts an improved look with an all-new Pistolero Plus grip. Both putters feature a single-bend shaft, a sightline on the top line, and a dark alignment feature on the flange to increase confidence.

Multi-material technology

The Futura X5 putter is the latest addition to Titleist’s lineup, combining a precision-milled 303 stainless steel body with a high-grade 6061 aluminum soleplate and a lightweight aluminum center section. Five points of vibration dampening technology enhance the putter’s sleek design. The putter’s multi-material construction gives players an advantage over other models.

The Futura X5 putter features a milled face and multi-material technology. The Futura X5r’s striking design will appeal to amateurs and professionals alike. The putter also includes a light aluminum insert in the sole, which distributes weight to the heel and toe and increases MOI. The putter is made of high-quality materials and combines them with a soft feel that’s ideal for any golfer style.

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The Futura X5R’s high-performance mallet putter will be available in golf shops from March 17. The Futura X5R is available in seven different mallet models. The Futura is designed for beginners and golfers of all levels, providing a forgiving, stable putter setup. The Futura X5R’s symmetrical design gives players a clearer view of the sweet spot and improves overall distance control.

In addition to its modern blade head, the Futura X5 has a rear balance bar for a stable feel and improved performance. Its deep CG and perimeter weighting under the face give players a better feel and forgiveness. The Futura X5 Dual Balance putter costs $349 and has an MSRP of $425. A variety of lengths and prices are available.

Deep center of gravity

The Futura X5R is the latest addition to the Futura line by Scotty Cameron. This putter’s design philosophy extends from Scotty’s original prototype putter to other models. It features a multi-material, mechanical, and incredibly stable face balance. The Futura X5R is an excellent choice for golfers who like a blade-style design but want increased forgiveness and stability. This putter may not be as oversized as the Futura X5, but it may be the best option for the golfer who prefers a softer, rounder feel.

The Futura X5 putter features a deep center of gravity and perimeter weighting. The Futura X5R has a high-grade 6061 aluminum body with a deep center of gravity and a high-grade 6061 aluminum soleplate. Both the Futura X5 Dual Balance has a deep center of gravity.

The Futura X5r has an improved feel and performance with multi-material construction. Its modern wing back and deep center of gravity makes it ideal for straight-through putting. Its 303 stainless steel body is reinforced with an aluminum sole and features a weighted, modified mallet head. The weighting is optimized throughout the entire stroke for improved feel and forgiveness.

The Futura X5R’s deep center of gravity gives you extra forgiveness when hitting off-center. Its hollow-sole plate is also great for feel and sound. The Futura X5 putter has been on the TOUR since May and is used by Jordan Spieth, Ian Poulter, Jason Dufner, and Bernd Wiesberger.

Soft feel

A golf ball designed for golf is rarely discussed. That is why the Futura X5 putter has become a rage among professionals. Its stable club head with two wide prongs makes it a durable option for long putts. The Futura X5 also features wingbacks to straighten strokes. Both versions are available at different prices.

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The Futura X5 is designed with a multi-material body. Its body is precision-milled from 303 stainless steel, while the soleplate is made from lightweight, durable anodized aluminum. The Futura X5R is also finished in silver mist. A new headcover and an updated red Cameron Matador grip are also available.

The Futura line incorporates proven Scotty Cameron technologies with a new, multi-material face-sole design to provide the perfect balance of forgiveness and MOI. The Futura X5r putter is available in straight and reverse-shafted versions. The Futura 7M putter is a re-designed version of the Futura X7M, with delicate back wings and a stainless steel “bar back” to support alignment. The Futura family features advanced multi-material technology with a sleek, modern wingback design to enhance stability.

Another great feature of the Futura X5R putter is its milled face, multi-material technology, and attractive design. It is also designed with a lightweight aluminum insert in the sole to distribute weight to the heel and toe of the putter. The light aluminum insert also increases the MOI (moment of inertia), which is crucial for a smooth, long stroke.


The Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5R putter is a custom fit putter that offers many benefits. Its milled face and dual-material technology make it an appealing putter. Its unique design includes a light aluminum insert in the sole to distribute the weight from the heel and toe to the perimeter of the putter. This technology increases MOI while minimizing vibration. A custom-fit putter is also more comfortable and provides better alignment.

Futura X5R putters are made of 303 stainless steel. Their wingback design promotes higher MOI and forgiveness. Its aluminum flange on the sole adds weight distribution and forgiveness. The Futura X5R putter has a white Matador grip smaller than the others. It is designed to fit shorter golfers better. These putters come in various sizes and are available in multiple lengths.

The custom-fit headcover is another option. While Futura XL Round headcovers cover the X7/M putter, the X5/R putter can fit a custom headcover. The headcover gives the putter the appearance of a giant head while providing the X7/M perfectly. A custom-fit headcover is an excellent way to make your putter fit better.


If you’re looking for a high-quality putter with a versatile design, the Scotty Cameron Futura X5R putter from the Golfsmith line is an excellent choice. This putter features a 303 stainless steel body, an advanced perimeter stability weighting, and a mid-milled face. The Futura X5R is also available with a Matador Red Midsize grip.

It’s hard to go wrong with a name like Scotty Cameron. Not only do their putters offer high-quality, but they can also be custom-fit to fit your putting style. With state-of-the-art technology, 2nd Swing staff can accurately determine your exact specifications for a proper fit. A custom-fitted putter will help the ball roll straight and smooth, saving you two strokes per round.

The Futura X5 putter features a high-grade aluminum soleplate with perimeter weighting under the face and a deep heel-toe weight. The Futura X5 and X5R have a MAP of $349 and $425 MSRP, respectively. Each model has a 1/2″ length and a dual-balance design, allowing you to choose the weight balance that works best for you.

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