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Roxanne Hartog’s solo project is the perfect solution for those seeking a night of soul music. The ethereal singer’s collection of soul tunes, disco classics, and contemporary hits will make for the perfect laid-back evening. In addition to a range of soul and pop classics, Roxanne Hartog also performs in collaboration with Daniel Camacho. The resulting set is a combination of the two artists’ influences.

‘Damaged Heart’

‘Damaged Heart’ is the first single off of the upcoming album by Dutch soul band The Tibbs. The album is set for release on November 20, and it features the powerful vocals of Roxanne Hartog. ‘Damaged Heart’ is a beautiful, warm tune that showcases the power of Roxanne Hartog’s voice. You can download the song on all digital platforms or pre-order the limited edition 45 vinyl. You can pre-order ‘Damaged Heart’ now, and it will be out on November 20.

Damaged Heart is a love song with a vintage soul sound perfect for autumn. Roxanne Hartog wrote most of the lyrics, and her voice is flawless. The organ-laden track is like a ray of sunlight on a gray day. The video was recorded in a studio in Amsterdam, and she beautifully delivers her story of heartache and loss. If you’re looking for a new singer to follow, check out ‘Damaged Heart’ by Roxanne Hartog.

‘Damaged Heart’ by Rox Anne Hartog is a powerful, soulful song that enormously adds to the band’s second album. It was recorded at Electric Monkey in Amsterdam and released by the Italian record label Kicks. Roxanne Hartog’s voice perfectly complements the band’s catchy musical arrangements. In addition to being a great listen, ‘Damaged Heart’ by Roxanne Hartog is an excellent live song.

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Another Shot Fired is the band’s second album. It features Roxanne Hartog as the new lead vocalist. Roxanne Hartog’s vocals add an authentic funk-inspired feel to the album. The song features hip-hop-style drumming and horns. Roxanne Hartog’s lyrics are a perfect blend of funk and soul. In ‘Damaged Heart,’ two people flirt, and a woman seduces a man.

‘Takin’ Over’

Roxanne Hartog replaces Elsa Bekman as lead singer on The Tibbs’ sophomore album Takin’ Over. The duo came on the scene in 2012 and released their first album, ‘Takin’ Over,’ in 2016. Since then, their singles have been played on radio stations in North America and Europe. Their profile has been raised by several festival appearances and a sold-out tour in Spain.

Roxanne Hartog’s vocals are both powerful and versatile. Her song ‘Damaged Heart’ was chosen as the album’s LP heralding single in September, and it is easily the album’s most impressive cut. Although a more restrained tune, it has a distinct reggae flavor. Roxanne Hartog’s voice is powerful on the album’s ballads, like ‘Close,’ which showcases her shimmering guitar work and her smoldering vocals.

The album begins with a song that features Roxanne’s trademark soul voice. ‘Damaged Heart’ is an infectious, danceable track, and the album ends with the instrumental ‘Bloodline.’ ‘Takin’ Over’ features a couple of ways that are very reminiscent of The Tibbs’ ‘The Main Course.’

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The Tibbs began as a cult act, covering obscure Northern Soul instrumentals. By 2014, they had released an EP titled ‘Cleaned Out’ and signed a recording contract with the Italian Record Kicks label. On 20 mei 2016, Roxanne Hartog joined The Tibbs and recorded a new album. And Roxanne Hartog’s voice was an immediate hit!

‘Another Shot Fired’

‘Another Shot Fired’ is the Tweede studio album from The Tibbs. The band has no previous frontwoman Elsa Bekman, but Hartog is a talented singer and songwriter. She is also oogverblinding, getalenteerde and zeer talented. I recommend this album. You can listen to it on Spotify and in the iTunes store.

The first single, “Closer,” is a pop-flavored love song to a long-lost love. Roxanne Hartog’s sultry voice reaches from deep soulful growl to heartwrenching ache. She sings with many hues and a few spine-tingling moments in her singing. “Another Shot Fired” is one of the most enchanting songs on the album, with its bouncy beat and rocksteady vibes. Roxanne Hartog sings with her heart over a rousing chorus.

Since the release of their last full-length album in 2010, The Tibbs has undergone a significant change in personnel. Elsa Bekman left the band for solo success, and Roxanne Hartog joined as lead singer. The resulting album continues the ‘Takin’ Over’ era with old-school organic soul and a touch of European flavor. Roxanne Hartog’s voice is convincing as Elsa Bekman’s, and the song ‘Another Shot Fired’ follows suit. Almost all the lyrics are written by Roxanne Hartog, including the instrumental “Cicero.”

Roxanne Hartog is a vocalist with an eclectic style. She sings soulfully and powerfully, and I love the way she cooks. I loved the song because it’s an excellent example of her versatility and power. Uncut magazine compares her to Nancy Sinatra. If I were to compare Roxanne Hartog to Nancy Sinatra, I’d take it.

Vinyl limbs

The whole vinyl limbs on the Roxanne Hartog doll are an excellent feature. She is approximately 18/19 inches tall, with a sculpted body by Menna Hartog. The attention to detail in the design and construction of Roxanne’s limbs shows that Menna put a lot of thought into this doll. You can see this in photos of finished dolls.

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Roxanne Hartog Toy Review
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