How to Improve Your Store’s Credibility

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There are many ways to improve the credibility of your online store. Storenvy is one such way. This online storefront prompts users to fill out basic FAQs and add additional ones. It allows you to define categories for improved shopper experience. It also helps you establish your social accounts and explains their purpose and importance to your business. It is also essential to ensure that your social profiles are private since you don’t want customers to find your account by browsing through your storefront.


There are several downsides to using Storenvy, despite its low cost. Among them, it lacks the credibility of Shopify. Customers who use Storenvy often report that the platform frequently crashes, making it frustrating for users. Storenvy can also be slow to process transactions, resulting in a delay of up to 24 hours. Additionally, customers often experience difficulties locating their shops and accessing their orders.

The two solutions also have different sets of features. Storenvy is easier to use than Shopify, with a content management system that makes it easy to add products. It also offers a fulfillment dashboard that automates the fulfillment process. While both methods are easy to use, they require technical and design expertise. The setup process can be time-consuming and complicated, though, and requires more skill and experience than Shopify. Furthermore, using Storenvy may require a lot of time on your part, making it harder to impress customers.

Another downside to Storenvy is that it lacks SEO features. It does not have a blogging part or Google Search Console. While the knowledge base does mention keywords, it does not provide directions on how to find them. As a result, your business is primarily limited to social traffic, and you’ll need to work a lot harder to gain envy from your audience. Storenvy isn’t for everyone. Listed below are some reasons why it’s not right for your business.

Both Storenvy and Shopify offer a free trial and a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you want to use their software, you can purchase a plan that gives you the most features for the lowest price. Afterward, you’ll be charged fifteen percent of the total cost of the products that you sell. Furthermore, if you’re selling a large variety of items, you’ll also receive abandoned cart email automation.

For most people, Storenvy offers an impressive set of tools for inventory management and order fulfillment. It’s a community of different types of users, so you’ll find new ways to buy and sell goods online. The program’s simplicity means it’s easy for new users to get started quickly. However, it’s important to remember that Storenvy does not guarantee complete fraud protection.


While both Etsy and Storenvy are famous, some differences make them distinct. Among them is the lack of Google Search Console and blogging functionality. The latter two are essential for SEO-savvy store owners, and the knowledge base for Storenvy only mentions them by name. Hence, the platform offers little guidance in this regard. Moreover, its social traffic is limited to social media, and its stores must work hard to earn the envy of its audience.

The fees charged by Etsy are pretty high; on the other hand, Storenvy has a lower one. In addition, Etsy sellers must pay 5% transaction fees based on shipping and set prices. A separate 2.5% fee is charged when selling in currencies other than your home currency. The disadvantages of both platforms are evident when compared with the advantages they offer. You can choose one based on your business goals and the type of products you sell.

Both Etsy and Storenvy are highly popular social marketplaces, with almost 30 million active users. Storenvy, on the other hand, takes a 15% fee on sales and sends 85% of the money to the seller. However, there are some problems with both companies, and Storenvy has low ratings from customers and sellers. Nonetheless, it’s worth checking out both websites. You’ll find that both sites have plenty of room for improvement.

If you’re a beginner or don’t know much about the internet, Storenvy has a simple website builder. You can customize your storefront with an HTML or CSS editor. If uncomfortable with these tools, you can purchase premium themes from Storenvy. Moreover, you can opt for a custom domain name for your store. The downsides are not negligible, but it’s essential to do your homework.

Using multi-word phrases for tags is another effective way to promote your product on Etsy. These phrases are less common but more specific. You can also add keywords to your product titles and descriptions. Keep in mind that the most important words should be at the beginning. For each product category, you can include a short description of the product. It will appear spammy if you have too much detail about the material and its workings.

Big Cartel

If you are an artist looking for a web-based eCommerce platform, the Big Cartel may be your best bet. Big Cartel is designed for independent creatives with easy-to-use themes and social media integration. It offers a free plan and doesn’t charge transaction or listing fees. It’s also easy to create a custom domain name for your store and incorporate it with your social media profiles.

The Big Cartel knows that selling items on Etsy is a pain. Listings expire, and you lose the twenty-cent listing fee. Storenvy lets you mark items as sold out, on sale, or coming soon without losing their favorites. Storenvy also allows you to save your listings, which Etsy doesn’t allow. This feature makes it easier for customers to browse your listings and make purchases.

BigCartel offers a free plan, but it doesn’t offer enough features. You can only list five products and customize the theme a small amount. Additionally, it’s not as versatile as Shopify and Etsy. However, incorporating a custom theme can make your store look more professional. You can even integrate social media with your Shop. BigCartel is a great alternative for those looking for a free online eCommerce platform.

Another popular option for physical product sellers is Folksy. This UK-based marketplace offers massive monthly traffic. Besides Shopify, the Big Cartel is a popular online platform for selling physical products. With Storenvy, you can build an online store without knowing a single line of code. In addition, you can choose between a free and paid plan without transaction fees. There are also free plans for users who want to upload only five products.


If you’re looking for a way to sell your items online without the hassle of shipping, then Storenvy might be for you. Its website has a contact form for inquiries and concerns. If you cannot reach a representative, you can email the company via its standard support email. Storenvy’s customer support hours are 9 AM – 5 PM, Pacific time, Monday through Friday. They do not offer any 24-hour assistance.

Despite its simple interface, Storenvy comes with some practical downsides. It does not have a live chat or phone support, making it less appealing to those with limited technical knowledge. Instead, customer support responds to queries via email, which can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Many customers have complained about poor support services. Hence, Storenvy users should be careful when choosing the software for their online store.

In addition to being a good eCommerce platform, Storenvy also acts as a community. The platform aims to make money for small and medium-sized businesses by allowing them to sell their products online. You can promote your products and spread awareness by leveraging its reputation and excellent network. This can help your sales increase. You should sign up for free to become a part of the Storenvy community.

As a newer online marketplace, Storenvy doesn’t have the market share of eBay or Etsy. Although the pricing for this service is low, it allows sellers to build a fully customized site and list it on a public marketplace. Plus, it offers an inexpensive lifetime plan for its premium packages. And if you’re not a big fan of paying monthly fees, you can always opt for a monthly premium plan.

Another good thing about Storenvy is its ease of use. You can list 500 items without much hassle. All you need to do is basic input information, and the software will handle the coding and formatting for you. It’s as easy as coloring in a book! A custom domain can help you create a professional website that will stand out from the crowd. However, you should not expect to earn much money with Storenvy.

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How to Improve Your Store’s Credibility
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